Stephanie Jones - Producer’s Choice “Funniest lead actress in a comedy” at the LA Comedy Awards! for her lead role in “Good Job, Thanks!”

I’m so proud of my work in “Good Job, Thanks!” written and created by my manager Ryan Glasgow with Renee Pezzotta, Enrico Natale and countless others who contributed their time, talent and finances, we created a little web-series that is hilarious, ahead of its time and full of delightful surprises.

I have been blessed with an acting career that spans from ingénue to crone, whore to nun. One of my first roles on stage was Corie Bratter in Barefoot in the Park. More recently, I played her mother Ethel. I was fortunate enough to work alongside the amazing Laurie Metcalf in her short-lived series, Easy Money, Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives, Mo Gaffney, Sandy Martin and Kirsten Vangsness in my series, "Good Job, Thanks!"

Theater is my first love, I started by dressing my puppies in doll clothes and strong-arming the neighborhood kids to give me a penny to watch a lip synched variety show of sorts. I’m now a member of the LOFT Theater Ensemble and continue onstage exploring just about any role I can get.

When I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I produced a feature length film, God Drives a Pontiac and since moving to LA with my family, co-wrote and directed a short film You’ll Just Love My Dad based on the true story of my crazy hippie homeless father.

I am an astrologer, hypnotherapist, bartender, food server, dog walker, party thrower, clothes horse, project manager, potter, gardener, adventurer, salesperson, promoter and general all around Jill-of-all-trades. Thank goodness I found a home in performing; otherwise I might be a little crazy!